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20 – 32mm Multi Clamp

SKU AT04-2160

This tool has been designed to restrain, align and reround pipe before and during the Electrofusion process. It works with pipes from 20mm to 32mm in diameter. The tool has been designed to work in confined spaces and can be used in narrow trenches. It is specifically designed to hold fittings onto tapping saddle outlets. Quick-Grip clamps allow the tool to be quickly and easily fixed to and removed from the pipe. Magnetic shells can be fitted into each side of the tool to allow different diameters and reducers to be held. Imperial sizes of shells can also be provided on request.

Specification Details

Operating range 20, 25, 32 mm
Operating type Straight
Approvals UK: GIS/PL2-5
Size 27 x 13 x 7 cm
Weight 1.46 kg
Operating temperature -40C to +50C
Tool materials Steel
Tool finish Bright zinc plate