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55mm – 180mm Multi Clamp

SKU AT04-2120

These tools have been designed to restrain, align and reround pipes before and during the Electrofusion process. They work with pipes between 55mm and 180mm in diameter, those commonly used for mains installation. The holding rings rotate to preset positions of 45 degrees and 90 degrees to allow elbows to be held. Liner shells clip in and out of the holding rings to allow different diameter pipes and reducers to be held and rerounded. The three way tool has an additional leg that allows tees to be held. These tools are completely adjustable making them versatile for every installation.

Specification Details

Operating range: 55mm to 180mm
Operating type: 2 way Universal & 3 way Universal
Size: 70cm x 27cm x 36cm
Weight: 10.2kg
Operating temperature: -50C to +60C