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Electrofusion Welder ATS180, 16 - 200mm

SKU AW18-0150
      • Electrofusion processors for plastic pipe welding worldwide
      • Welds constant voltage electrofusion fittings
      • Suitable for low and medium pressure PE or PP pipework systems from 16mm to 200mm diameter (1/2" to 8") that require no more than 50 amps after initial startup
      • Welding output is a controlled voltage between 8V and 48V
      • Suitable for the house-connection market, Geothermal & smaller diameter water pipe joining
      • Small, lightweight and portable unit, over-shoulder design
      • Bag or Stainless Steel frame
      • Welds fittings in Manual mode and Barcode automatic mode
      • Datalog memory of more than 2000 welds
      • Download data log using USB memory
      • Assisted cooling offers superb, unrivaled duty cycles
      • Includes CCD Barcode Scanner
      • CE approved
  • Operating Modes Manual, Barcode
    Welding Voltage 39.5V (8-48V)
    Welding Current 1-50A
    Welding Time 1-1500 seconds
    Duty Cycle (in 1 hour period) 33% (450s ON/ 900s OFF)
    Supply Voltage 115+ 15% 110V (40-60Hz)
    Supply Current

    1-25A (115A)

    1-12A (230V)

    Supply Power 3000W

    Weight (ATS180)

    Weight (ATS180 SS Frame)



    Size (ATS180)

    Size (ATS180 SS Frame)

    30 x 21 x 26cm

    33 x 25 x 34cm

    Operating Temp. -15C to +50C