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SKU K04692
The "great". This extruder is driven by a powerful 2000W drive. With 5.8kg output per hour, this extruder is the fastest machine working with carbon brushed drive in our product range. By nonsimultaneous heating of mass and air temperature, this machine can be used on a normal house connection.
  • Features:
    • Brushless blower
    • Comfortable user menu with automatic temperature setting
    • Three materials preset, more program spaces free to set your own material
    • Machine stand included, mounted
  • Max. welding capacity 5.8 kg/h, Ø 5mm
    3.8 kg/h, Ø 4 mm
    Welding material PP/PE/PVDF
    Material type Round rod Ø 4/ 5mm
    Application range Thicknesses from 12 - 40mm
    Weight 10.2kg
    Length 700mm
    Electronic Speedcontrol Yes
    Mass heating 800 W
    Powerbox needed No
    Preheating 2300W