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WIDOS 16000 mobile version (OD 1200 to OD 1600mm)

by Widos

OD 1200 up to OD 1600 mm | construction site | PE, PP | butt welding | manual

You are looking for a mobile heating element butt welding machine for the use on the construction site and in the trench for PE- and PP pipes and fittings from OD 1200 up to OD 1600? Then the WIDOS 16000 mobile version is the right machine for you.

The WIDOS 16000 mobile version is developed for the heating element butt welding of PE- and PP-pipes and fittings. The machine has double clamping equipment, is guided on 2 very solid round guides and has 2 easy demountable and therefore very service-friendly hydraulic cylinders. 2 connecting hoses are securely fixed to the machine.

The WIDOS 16000 mobile version is a heating element butt welding machine that can be used flexibly. The machine has 8 wheels for an easy change of position, 4 wheels are steerable. It is equipped with a double clamping device guided on 2 shafts. The hydraulic unit for moving the clamping device and for the exact control of the welding pressure has an adjustment valve for welding pressure relief, a pressure backup and 2 quick-action couplings for connecting the clamping device. The pipe cutter is attached to the base frame and hydraulically swiveling. 2 hydraulic cylinders are used for the driving in and out of the pipe cutter and heating element and 1 hydraulic cylinder for positioning. The hydraulic controls are mounted on the front side of the machine. The pump and fuel box are integrated into the machine base frame. The anti-stick coated heating element has a control lamp for mains and interval control and an electronic temperature control and monitoring in accordance with DVS 2208. The upper parts are individually swiveling hydraulically. It is operated from the front side of the machine. Roller stands are firmly mounted into the basic frame of the WIDOS 16000 mobile version to facilitate the alignment of the pipes. The hydraulic cylinders are installed into the base frame.