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WIDOS 2500 Combi

by Widos
SKU 3811230K
OD 50 up to OD 160 mm (butt welding) | OD 20 up to OD 110 mm (socket welding) | workshop | PE, PP, PVDF | manual
You are looking for a mobile manageable size machine for the heating element butt welding and socket welding up to OD 160 resp. OD 110? Then the WIDOS 2500 combi is the right machine for you.

The WIDOS 2500 combi is a plastic welding machine for PE, PP and PVDF pipes and fittings from OD 20 up to OD 110 for the socket welding and from OD 50 up to OD 160 SDR 7,25 for the heating element butt welding.

The WIDOS 2500 combi has a welding force adjuster and scale, a chain-guided electric planer in closed aluminum housing and an external chip removal and a machine table, which operates with a linear prismatic guide on a stable base frame. The WIDOS 2500 combi has an electrically operated planer, electronic heating element as well as transport and mounting crate for a safe, clean and protected storage. The planer has a chain drive in a closed aluminum housing and an automatic external chip removal. The heating element is anti-stick coated, has an electronic temperature control, control lamps, an on/off switch and a connection cable with Schuko socket.

Including the following accessories:

  • Basic machine with planer 230 V/ 950W
    (Butt Welding OD50 - OD160mm, Socket Welding OD20 - 110mm)
  • Heating element (for butt welding) 230 V/ 800W
  • Heating element (for socket welding) 230 V/ 1000W with holder
  • Set of basic clamping tool OD 160mm 
  • Reducer inserts (1 set = 4 half shells): OD 50, OD 63, OD 75, OD 90, OD 110, OD 125, OD 140, OD 160.
  • Prismatic clamping device for fitting
  • Prismatic clamping device for pipe 
  • Heating spigots and sockets and other accessories
  • Transport and mounting box (98 x 69 x 67cm)