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WIDOS 26000 (OD 2000 to OD 26000mm)

by Widos
SKU MC26000

OD 2000 up to OD 2600 mm | construction site | PE, PP | butt welding | manual

Are you looking for a solid and resistant welding machine by which you can weld pipes and fittings from OD 2000 up to OD 2600 on the construction site? Then, the WIDOS 26000 is the right machine for you.

The extra solid steel construction of the WIDOS 26000 makes it especially resistant and is therefore suitable for the rough application on the construction site and in the trench. With the machine, it is possible to weld pipes and fittings from OD 2000 up to OD 2600. The machines feature a double clamping device with quick-action clamping on the flexible and fix side that can be optionally clamped by hydraulic systems. They are guided onto 2 guide rails. The hydraulic cylinders are screwed next to the guide shafts for a simple and quick assembly resp. disassembly in case of maintenance work. The double clamping devices are screwed to the steel pipe base frame.

The WIDOS 26000 is a very solid and stable machine that is utilized on the construction site and in the trench. It is suitable for pipes and fittings out of PE and PP from OD 2000 up to OD 2600. The outer fixed clamping element can easily be removed by detaching only a few screws in order to weld at difficult accessible places, e.g. in the trench or at the branch side of a T-piece. The hydraulic unit and its operation are integrated into the basic machine. The pipe cutter is suspended from the guide shafts and hydraulically locked there. The machine is driven via two hydraulic motors that rotate both pipe cutter arms. They are rotating against each other by 180° within each of the pipe pieces. The heating element is suspended from the guide shafts, is anti-stick coated, features an electronic temperature regulator, a control lamp at the switch cabinet and 4 connecting cables that are connected to the basic machine. The heating element surfaces are covered with anti-stick plastic films and prevent the sticking to the pipe ends after heating; this is additionally assisted by the existing puller device.