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WIDOS 3511 (OD 20 to OD 125mm)

by Widos
SKU MC3511
OD 20 up to OD 125 mm | workshop | PE, PP, PVDF | socket welding | manual
  • The WIDOS 3511 is developed for processing PE, PP and PVDF pipes and fittings from OD 20 up to OD 125. The machine is mounted on a solid frame. The motion of the slides runs against each other and is controlled by a rack-and-pinion drive. It is possible to clamp all outer diameters by a prismatic clamping being continuously adjustable, there is a double prism on the pipe side that may be replaced easily and quickly. The fitting side features an insertion stop; limitation of the insertion depth is secured by a dial depending on the diameters (version selectable in mm or inch). Both sides may be aligned axially in order to adjust the fusion pieces; positioning is supported by an insertion stop. In order to support the alignment of the sockets, the machine features an angle, optionally the second one.

    The WIDOS 3511 is intended for the use on the construction site and in the trench. Pipes and fittings from OD 20 up to OD 125 can be welded with the WIDOS 3511. Mounted to the base frame are an electronically controlled heating element and the prismatic clamping device. To reduce the risk of injury, the edges of the clamping tools are rounded. The basic frame is easy to handle due to the aluminium construction. The stability of the machine (stainless steel) is increased by the use of dual shaft guides in the guide blocks. A metal plate at the back provides additional stability.
    With the corresponding dial you can weld nearly all socket types (DVS type A, B), ISO/ASTM or even company-specific sockets) with this machine, only a corresponding dial is necessary. For a safe transport and in order to be able to operate the machine at a favourable working height on site, it is possible to supply the machine in a transport and mounting case.

Including the following accessories:

  • WIDOS 3511 (OD 20 - OD 125) 230V / 1100W (including heating element and prismatic clamping devices)
  • Dial for depth stop (Choose 1 from 4 options available: DVS type A in mm, DVS type B in mm, ASTM in mm and IPS ASTM F1056 in inch)
  • Second limit stop angle and additional guide bar
  • Transport and mounting case (85 x 70 x 68cm)