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ATS High Power Welder, 16 - 3500mm

SKU AW10-3001

This equipment is designed to weld constant voltage electrofusion fittings suitable for low, medium and high pressure PE or PP pipe work systems from 16mm to 3500mm diameter (1/2” to 138”).

The welding output of this equipment is a controlled voltage between 8V and 48V.

It has been designed for the rental market where its rugged design reduces downtime and saves money.

It can weld fittings in Manual mode and Bar Code automatic mode, and has a data log memory of more than 2000 welds that can be downloaded using USB memory.

Specification Details

Operating Modes Manual, Bar Code
Welding Voltage 39.5V (8-48V)
Welding Current 1-120A
Welding Time 1-6000 seconds
Supply Voltage
  • 110V (40-60Hz)
  • 230V (40-60Hz)
Supply Current
  • 1-63A (110V)
  • 1-32A (230V)
Supply Power 7500 W
Weight 42 kg
Size 50 x 43 x 24 cm
Temperature -15C to +50C