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SKU G50030

The BIO-CIRCLE GT Compact makes parts cleaning easy and safe. 

The parts cleaning device meets highest requirements on ease of use, reliability and suitability for daily use. Water-based cleaning with natural microorganisms, without solvents or cold cleaners. The employee and the environment are protected from highly volatile vapours. Oil biodegradation guarantees a long service life. No HAZMAT, no hazardous goods, no fire hazard. BIO-CIRCLE – a long-term solution for convincing parts cleaning on a natural basis. 

  • Optimized depth of the basin ensures good splash protection 
  • Easy transport by means of a lift truck or a rail system with castors (optional) 
  • Ergonomic design for increased stability 
  • Filter system in the basin drain (coarse-, fine- and bag filter plus magnet) 
  • Optimized control box containing the entire control- and pumping device 
  • Outlet mechanism to make replacing the Liquid easier 
  • Optional: filter housing with various filter elements 
  • For the first fill we recommend 100 L of BIO-CICLE L/BIO-CIRCLE L Ultra/BIO-CIRCLE L Heavy Duty or BIO-CIRCLE L Aluminium