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EX Procedure Cart with Proximity Lock

by Bailida
SKU EXP34-221T-21P

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BAILIDA procedure cart has electronic lock with keyless entry and automatic re-locking for security. It includes authorized management and view all user records. Many hospitals and clinics are now switching from conventional lock and key locking systems to proximity readers and access control. Proximity lock authorization offers a greater level of convenience and security that is reliable.

Use a key access cards that unlock doors with just a touch. The proximity lock are more secure and flexible than the conventional lock.

Product Feature: 

1.Built with steel and aluminum to increase durability and lifespan
2.Impact resistant All-around Aluminum Bumper
3.Slide-out Work Surfaces
4.Securing all drawers right at the front with Central Key Locking System
5.A smooth workflow facilitated by Soft-close Ball Bearing Drawer Slides
6.One-clip accessory attachment with Accessory Bar
7.Spills retained on the worktop with Raised Front Rim
8.Worktop also available in Stainless-steel
9.Keyless locking system enables users to access medical supplies quickly. Scan keycard to lock and unlock the cart automatically.
10. Includes master and user cards to set up the authorization levels from management to operation.
11. Auto re-lock function. Set up an auto-lock time
12. Light indicators to show lock status.
13. Includes manual key override for emergency access.
14. Holds up to 100 users and track the latest 2,000 cart records
15. Battery operated

3 sizes available.
Specifications listed below:

Width 671mm / 26.4" 671mm / 26.4"  671mm / 26.4"
Depth 545mm / 21.4" 545mm / 21.4" 545mm / 21.4"
Height 938mm / 37" 1017mm / 40" 1096mm / 31.1"
Height (w/o 5" castors)
785mm / 31" 864mm / 34" 943mm / 37"