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External Debeaders 400-1200mm

SKU AT15-0110

Designed to remove the external bead from a completed butt-fusion welded joint. The tool knocks onto the pipe bead, then alignment blocks slide against the pipe surface to guide it around the pipe. The blade cuts under the bead and the handle helps pull the tool around the pipe, cutting the bead away. Available in three different sizes.

The blade is shaped to cut the bead away without damaging the pipe. Pipe regression blade available, ask us for details.
A wear-block is fitted to the tool to protect from damage when the tool is knocked onto the pipe. Fully approved to the UK Gas Industry Standard PL2-5 and all water work pipes.

Specification Details

Operating range: 400mm to 1200mm
Operating type: Manual
Size: 39cm x 9cm x 7cm
Weight: 3.0kg
Operating temperature: -50C to +60C