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ERGOTORQUE Precision Torque Wrench with Rotary Mushroom Ratchet Head

SKU 516.1412
      • Actuation accuracy: ±3 % tolerance of the set scale value
      • Precise reading accuracy for a minimum 5.000 tightening cycles
      • For controlled fastening in clockwise and counter clockwise directions
      • Torque setting by pulling out and pushing in the slide in knob at the end of the handle
      • The direction of rotation (clockwise and counter clockwise) can be changed by simply rotating the square drive piece
      • Double scale in Nm and lbf•ft divisions for precise adjustment
      • Includes micrometer scale in Nm divisions for precise and fine adjustment
      • Large vision panel, precise adjustment using a magnifying glass
      • An audible and palpable signal when the desired torque value is achieved
      • Exact gearing 30 teeth ratchet mechanism
      • Torque setting is quick and easy using the locking knob in the handle end
      • Secure locking function within the handle
      • With ejection mechanism on the ratchet head
      • Two component handle with a soft zone, is ergonomic in design and comfortable in the hand
  • Actuation Accuracy +/-3%
    Construction One-armed lever
    Form With mushroom head
    Material Robust steel body with blue paint layer