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Silent, powerful and still light-weight. Up to 30mm material thickness are not an issue for this extruder with less than 8kg. This version is, due to the preheating on the side, primarily designed for container engineering. An infinitely variable handle and numerous holding possibilities make welding of spaces with difficult access. Integrated high-power LEDs ensure good illumination in the work area. In time of non-usage of the machine, it goes into a standby-function, which results in high reduction of noise; in addition, you save up to 60% energy. When the machine has fully cooled down, the blower even switches off.


  • Brushless preheating blower with standby-function and automatic shut-down
  • Comfortable user menu with automatic temperature setting
  • Dual beam high-power LEDs
  • Three materials preset, more program spaces free to set your own material
  • Integrated machine stand
  • With display / menu
  • Temperatures digitally adjustable
  • WiFi-connectivity

Technical Data

Max. welding capacity: 1.8 kg/h, Ø 3mm
3.2 kg/h, Ø 4 mm
Welding material: PP / PE / PVDF
Material type: Round rod Ø 3 / 4 mm
Application range: Thicknesses 8 – 25 mm
Weight: 7.4 kg
Length: 747 mm
Electronic Speedcontrol: Electronic, on the controller
Mass heating: 800 W
Powerbox needed: No
Preheating: 2300 W
Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz


This item is available in 115 or 230V.