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MX Double-Face Medication Trolley, Individual 6" Bin, 42" (White)

by Bailida
SKU MBI6-4250-12I
Double-Face medication trolleys make sorting and moving a variety of medications convenient, This series is perfect for transporting and sorting medications efficiently and convenient in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, health centers and medical centers
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  • Features

    • 6" bin drawer x 5 row x 5 bin per row x 2 sides - Total 6" bin: 50pcs
    • Each bin can be pulled out individually, opened at both sides 6" bin size: W 112 x D 215 x H 154mm
    • Caster: 5" steel casters (2 w/ brake, 1 direction control, 1 free)
  • Height (with 5" Castors) 1229mm
    Height (w/o 5" Castors) 1070mm
    Width 690mm
    Depth 540mm