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Standardized chemical pump ECM


Armoured magnetically coupled horizontal pump

The armoured magnetically-coupled pumps of the ECM series are designed to meet chemical process industry standards. Their hermetically sealed design makes them a safe pumping solution for problematic chemicals and solvents.


The chemical pumps are available in corrosion-resistant PFA for universal fluid compatibility.

Performance data
Pump capacity:

up to 70 m³/h

Total differential head:

up to 70 m

Operating temperature [t]:

-20°C up to +150 °C

Operating pressure [p]:

up to 16 bar

Diameter of discharge nozzle:

DN 25 up to DN 50

Drive rating [P]:

up to 7,5 kW


The ECM-series pumps are used for the safe pumping of fluids posing an environmental or health hazard such as acids, alkalis, solvents and chemically contaminated fluids in the presence or in the absence of solids. Their hermetically sealed design makes them excellently suited to sensitive applications involving major hazards to humans and the environment.

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Horizontal centrifugal pump, process pump design
Casing dimensions, fitting dimensions and design to EN 22858/ISO 2858/ISO 5199;
Complemented by size 40-25-125 and 40-25-160

Spacer can

The spacer can is designed as a metal-free double-wall unit consisting of an outer shell and a separate spacer can liner. Essentially, this offers the following advantages:
- No eddy currents and hence, no heat transfer to the fluid pumped.
- No energy losses and hence, no efficiency losses.
- Spacer can protected from mechanical contact with the outer magnet assembly.

Plain bearing

The standard construction material for the plain bearing is silicon carbide. This advanced plastic features unsurpassed corrosion and wear resistance. Even our standard bearing model can tolerate temporary dry running or lubricant shortage.

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