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WIDOS Traction Tool JIG (OD 63 to OD 170mm)

by Widos
OD 63 up to OD 170 mm | construction site | PE, PP, PVDF | socket welding | manual
  • The WIDOS traction tool ”JIG” enables the processing of pipes and fittings out of PE, PP and PVDF from OD 63 to OD 170. The WIDOS traction tool “JIG” is a traction aid for the thermo socket welding and has been developed particularly for the use on the construction site.

    The traction tool “JIG” is made for a better alignment of the sockets before the welding process. It is destined for the heating element socket welding of PE-, PP- and PVDF-pipes and fittings diameter range OD 63 up to OD 170. The flexible prismatic clamping tool must be shifted towards the fix prismatic clamping tool until heating socket and spigot reach the prescribed insertion depth. The adjustment of the traction tool “JIG” can be done with a common cordless screwdriver. It is easy to handle with its approx. weight of 10 kg. The device features handles facilitating the transport of the device.