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V Welding shoe to MUNSCH Extruder Series 32 to 65

SKU 43.0108V40M


V-Weld or X-Weld



max. material measurement a

8. 10. 12. 15. 20 or 25 mm

Length of the welding shoe

40 mm

Manufacturer Item No.

43.01xx V

Matching for Extruders:

MAK32, MAK 36-B, 36-D, 40-B, 48-D, 58-B, 58-D und 65-B

Holder included:


Please choose the desired material strength a.

Assistance to measure "a":

To determine the dimension "a", you can multiply the plate thickness by 0.7. For example, 20 mm plate x 0.7 = 14 mm for the dimension a.