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WIDOS 4955 (OD 90 to OD 355mm)

by Widos
SKU MC4955

OD 90 up to OD 355 mm | construction site | PE, PP, PVDF | butt welding | manual, CNC

The WIDOS 4955 complements the approved WIDOS 4400 to WIDOS 6100 model series
perfectly and combines the outstanding characteristics with advanced features.

  • A new detach system allows for easy detachment of the clamping tool from the base frame and facilitates welding in demanding surroundings, such as overhead.
  • The relocated way measuring system enables CNC welding in small spaces.
  • A solid cover protects the hydraulic hoses during transport and use in rough working conditions.
  • The basic machine is compatible with tools, heating element and planer of the WIDOS 4911 and the reducer inserts of the WIDOS 4900.
  • The basic machine weighs 60 kg and is 50% lighter compared to the WIDOS 4911 basic machine.
  • The welding machine covers pipe diameters from OD 90 to OD 355.