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WIDOS 5000 WS CNC (OD 160 to OD 500mm)

by Widos

OD 160 up to OD 500 mm | PE, PP, PVDF, PVC | butt welding | weld log recording, CNC

You are looking for a servo controlled heating element butt welding machine for the workshop and for the economic fabrication of pipes and fittings e.g. bends, T- and cross-pieces from OD 160 up to OD 500? Then the WIDOS 5000 WS CNC is the right machine for you.

The WIDOS 5000 WS CNC is a servo controlled heating element butt welding machine for PE, PP, PVDF and PVC-pipes and fittings from OD 160 up to OD 500. The machine version itself corresponds to the manual version. The machine is controlled by the CNC 3.0 unit which sets new standards for user friendliness. With data entry via barcode reader pen and memory card system as well as with the extended memory for up to 30,000 welds and the movable control panel, all requirements for a modern control system are met. In combination with the extremely dynamic servo drive unit shortest changeover times and at the same time smallest tolerance zones can be realized, which means in addition to the precise force control there is the alternative to control exact joining ways. Another advantage of the automatic welding cycle used by computer-controlled, optional pneumatically dampened swiveling of the heating element is that operator influences are virtually eliminated and a high repeatability is realized.

The WIDOS 5000 WS CNC is for the heating element butt welding of PE, PP, PVDF and PVC-pipes and fittings from OD 160 up to OD 500. The clamping tools can be driven towards the inserted planer on a definitive dimension in order that the pipes align themselves directly at the discs. With this arrangement the weld seam can be prepared in a way that after welding exact and reproducible measurements can be maintained. During the heat-up cycle the pipes can be specifically melted by a certain amount from both sides. Which means friction flows with uneven seams on both sides e.g. by shifting the heating element will be omitted by this procedure. The drives have a wide dynamic range, which can be used for extreme short changeover times. They allow the buildup of exact power ramps without overshooting with the typical force peaks and can keep the joining force over the entire cooling time very exact. Alternatively, the same drives can be used for welding with adjustable and highly accurate joining path limitation. This will ensure a precise geometry after the welding process.