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WIDOS Miniplast 2 c/w electric planer (OD 20 to OD 110mm)

by Widos
OD 20 up to OD 110 mm | construction site | workshop | PE, PP, PVDF | butt welding | manual
  • The WIDOS Miniplast/2 is a welding machine for the heating element butt welding of PE, PP and PVDF pipes and fittings from OD 20 to OD 110. Due to its light and compact construction, the machine is ideally suited for the use in pipeline systems and for assembly work. In case of stationary use, the machine can be fixed in the vice or with the table support. The basic machine has two large aluminum basic clamping tools which are swiveling 15° on each side for the fabrication of segmented bends. By screwing in 8 small reduction clamping inserts, a double clamping is obtained at smaller diameters. For fittings with short legs, a small fitting clamping tool is available as an option. Due to the special construction of the pressure build-up device, the machine can be fixed directly at very short pipe ends on walls and sheets.

    The WIDOS Miniplast/2 can be used in the workshop, on the construction site and for the installation. The 6.3 kg make handling the WIDOS Miniplast/2 very easy and the machine can be used in many ways. Pipes and fittings from OD 20 up to OD 110 can be welded. The basic machine with optional small fitting clamping tools is suitable for containing molded fittings with short clamping ends. Extremely short overhanging pipe ends can be clamped and welded. An extended version for the fabrication of T-pieces and bends 90° (up to OD 90 mm) is available. On both sides, each basic clamping tool can be swiveled up to 45°. This basic machine is equipped with vertical and horizontal adjustment. The light and electric planer is available. The electronically adjusted heating element in accordance with DVS 2208 features an anti-stick coating and a control lamp for system and interval checking. For the safe storage of the electric planer and heating element, a heat-protected box is available. The sheet steel carrying case serves for the transport and protected storage of the complete WIDOS Miniplast/2.

Including the following accessories:

  • Basic machine with 2 wide basic clamping tools OD 110mm
  • Table support
  • Heating element 230V/ 500W
  • Electric planer 230V/ 550W
  • Heat-protected box for planer and heating element
  • Reducer inserts (1 set = 8 half shells): OD 20, OD 25, OD 32, OD 40, OD 50, OD 63, OD 75, OD 90
  • Sheet steel carrying case (63 x 47 x 35cm)