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WIDOS Outside Debeader (OD 110 up to OD 1000mm)

by Widos
OD 110 up to OD 1000 mm | construction site | PE, PP | manual
  • The WIDOS outside debeader is an ultra-light and solid device for the safe, easy and efficient removal of the outer weld seam after butt welding.

    The compact construction of the outside debeader makes this tool ideal for processing the pipes even if the parts are still clamped into the machine. For example, it is possible to remove the outer weld seams during the cooling period. This means that the time-consuming disassembly of the clamping elements can be omitted. It can also be used afterward with a quick adjustment of the required dimensions by means of a scale.

Available sizes:

  • WIDOS outside debeader size 1 (OD110 - OD 160)
  • WIDOS outside debeader size 2 (OD140 - OD 250)
  • WIDOS outside debeader size 3 (OD180 - OD 315)
  • WIDOS outside debeader size 4 (OD280 - OD 450)
  • WIDOS outside debeader size 6 (OD450 - OD 630)
  • WIDOS outside debeader size 8 (OD630 - OD 1000)